Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Do It Now

To see is to do, like supposing I were to see a poisonous snake inside of a 10 foot radius, only an immediate action/response would exist for me at this moment, with not even a microsecond to sit stop and think. With the perception the immediate thought, intuition/insight, arises as to what I do next... the intelligence to act directly, instinctively, without calculating, reflecting or planning of any kind.

Spontaneous doing means the moment you see or think about some particular thing it is done immediately! It is this affirmation alone that interests me, an earthly existence where every little detail is accounted for and everything gets done. This means not merely to make a long of list of to dos and a system to get them done but getting it done the moment it pops up onto the surface of conscious awareness.

It is bringing the analytical detail oriented mind, which handles all routine practical affairs, into the red hot moment. That which I can do immediately need not get put on the list of unmet responsibilities, and this level of efficiency is at a higher level than all systems we devise for long term planning and task mastery.

There is no need for affirmation where the Heart is concerned, this Truth is already and needs no further mental contrivance. Though the vision be already present, it is ultimately a matter of implementation, of getting the job done so the manifestation is complete and a real masterpiece is created.


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