Saturday, April 10, 2010

Surrendered Action

Positive Thinking, an ancient healing mental science, has become yet another modern western world escape from facing the real and the actual. A ripe example of Spiritual Materialism, this living within the same capitalistic acquisitive money dominated society, using psychic/mental powers for personal gain alone. The new age perspective is just another more avant garde take on evangelical gospel abundance preaching; and even more to the point, of the legendary invulnerable macho capitalist mentality.

Many years of ruthless unrestrained self-aggrandizing destruction to the very planet that sustains and gives us joy, the current economy collapsing, and the mental illness rate of those who are unable to live up to the present standard... self-condemnation and loathing just for having limits and negative thoughts, in other words, seeing, feeling and acknowledging this unkind highly imperfect world as it is. The consequence of all this negligent careless optimism, of thinking we can get away with anything we please and it will all be alright, is the current world situation of today. Where "The Secret" and other such ideas are concerned, there is really nothing more wasteful and destructive than thinking that the Earth's resources are inexhaustible.

In the end, using psychic powers for material gain is bound to create conflict and disharmony, if only in the sense of increasing the alienation and rampant consumerism of the present age. What you resist persists, so fighting negativity creates only greater inner conflict. The only positive attitude one needs is a total acceptance of the present moment, regardless of what goes on and how one is feeling. Yet in the acceptance of less than positive feelings that arise one learns to shine most affirmatively from within.

Surrendered Action is the willingness to let go of all plans, all self-centered motivations and desires, for the simple purpose of a wholehearted engagement with the present moment. Though plans and desires for fulfillment are not erased entirely, these remain in the background of consciousness, manifesting in good time as one becomes increasingly grateful for the wealth and abundance that already is. It is saying... I choose connection over separation, and the next action step is always the most essential and primary.



  1. There are certainly many people looking to the Law of Attraction as a way to make money; however, a closer reading of the information reveals a service-oriented approach. The true "secret" includes forgiveness, compassion, doing for others, etc.
    LOA does work; however, it works best when combined with humility and a willingness to add to each request "or whatever is in the highest interest to all concerned" - this releases our ego from the outcome.
    As our vibration increases, we are able to see more opportunities and be a source of hope and compassion for others. This is NOT a selfish thing - this is necessary to be able to ACT in situations that require action (ending poverty/abuse/destruction of the planet). A negative outlook leads to belly-gazing, hand-flailing, and an inability to inspire oneself or others to solve problems and move towards a more compassionate world.

  2. Further Comments on subject (before and after posting):

    The era of emphasis on positive thinking is coming to an end, and from it I take only what is true... Gratitude and a good attitude, manifesting outwardly from within. Where money and material wealth are concerned, people are seeing through all the pompous prosperity talk and careless optimism that is the cause behind this current recession.

    Content to be a realist, I've always on some level rejected the temptations of materialism (not hedonism but the worldly ambition for more) knowing that everything in this man made world has a price tag attached, if not monetarily then temporally and circumstantially. Making material wealth the #1 priority is another w...ay of saying "I NEED MORE, because I am not enough in myself". Gratitude alone is true abundance...

    The solution to any situation is nothing more than a negation (via observation and clear understanding) of the problem... it is equally destructive to not focus on the given problem at all (to escape reality), while seeking an easy solution, as it is to get caught up in the problem and forget that there is a positive solution.

    Beyond thought.. when gazing at a sunset and feeling a gentle warm or cool breeze upon the skin, or perhaps in an all consuming romantic encounter, or in deep meditation... the positive ideal is but an extension of Spirit, moving from the Heart to the Head. Neti Neti (Sanskrit) means "not this, not that"... Divinity, Faith, Truth, Love, etc, exist upon the foundational dissolution of all delusion(s).

  3. Barbara, thanks for your comments... I agree there is a more positive approach, particularly via less materialistic influences like Abe, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, etc.. Maybe it is the excess of Earthy Virgo-ness in me that wants to see evidence of this generosity.. I suppose I do see it manifesting on collective social levels. I just don't see much evidence in my own life, at my own job, in capitalistic dominated society. I don't doubt that there is a positive LOA approach, of which I'm sure you yourself practice (best wishes for success with that!), but so far as I can see it is still a minority... nothing about the present economy suggests that excessive positive thinking, within the capitalistic context, is the ultimate answer. This I suppose is the point... that it must go beyond the mind, beyond thinking to touch the Heart, the very center of Being. Cheers :-)