Friday, April 30, 2010


A lightning flash of awareness that comes in an instant and is gone just like that. What does it reveal, another piece of the cosmic puzzle? Perhaps so, but even more important is the moment of insight when it makes sense if only for that moment alone, before dissolving back into the empty sky of mind from which it arose.

Intuition is essentially having insightful thoughts without having to think or process information. It is this empty awareness of mind, where simplification of life situations is what matters and not creating or getting caught up in endless streams of thinking and infinitely further abstraction.

Open awareness receives cosmic wisdom and is particularly characteristic of the human-divine consciousness, because unlike the computer this human brain is not meant to function and calculate every second it is on... moreover it doesn't need to. The computer can only memorize and process, using linear lower brain functions. Human Beings can intuit simply by turning off the brain, being fully alive, present and conscious, which is really what makes us truly transcendent, highly intelligent spiritual beings.

Where mind is still, quiet and unoccupied, empty of all self conscious and delusional thoughts about self and others, here divine grace descends, often uninvited and unexpected, onto the horizon of human consciousness spontaneously.

No thoughts, No baggage, No problem...


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