Sunday, April 25, 2010

Heart of Being

It is most important to know and see clearly, experience and feel most concretely, the basic essential components of Being (Self), and what is at the Heart of it all. For to know the parts is also to know the error of too often identifying too much with one or the other polarity, with mind or matter. To know a connecting all inclusive factor, that excludes neither polarity (yin/yang), is to find instant correction of all errors, misconceptions, toxic actions and emotional addictions.

The Heart is Master, the Head is Executive Director, the Body is Servant... When the Heart rules all is unfolding in perfect harmony, however hard and long the road ahead may be... when the Head or Body (the intellect or emotions) takes over to try running the show, this is where all mischief and troubles begin.

The Body is also the brain, the physiological/sensory/perceptual faculties, and the imagination born of sense experience perceived and received. What we experience humanly as pleasure, physical love and affection, simple joys of earth and with others, particularly the "significant other".

The Head is that aspect of the brain which is mind, the ... psyche, formed out of bodily/physical experience, in the form of memory, dreams, fantasy and imagination (the Freudian Id)... playing the Ego role, the Man in charge, with Left Brained Capacities to make snap (and long term) decisions, clear headed and present, logical and rational. It is also the *processing* of one's innate cognitive and philosophical capacities in action. The Intellect I equate here with the Head, the rational and functional, clearheaded and cognitive (left) side of human thinking.

Emotions I equate here with Body, b/c the psychological aspect of feeling is always a physically felt awareness, because the very brain that generates emotional response is itself physical, as are our fantasies, dreams, memories based upon previous sensory or earthly experience(s).

"Live from your heart, you will be most effective" - yogi tea proverbs


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