Monday, April 19, 2010

Purpose ~ The Central Point of Focus

Preliminary (Inner) Purpose is an attunement with the present momentum, matter at hand and immediate point of focus. Primary (Outer) Purpose means Life passion, work, vocation and earthly mission. A fully devotional involvement that becomes a consistent point of outward focus.

Preliminary Purpose: Self Surrender, Spiritual Heart Consciousness, Ground of Awareness, Being and Eternal Now. The thinker/experiencer and ego equals the past, of all accumulated thoughts, feelings, images, and ideologies that make up myself; Conversely, worldly interests, ambitions and aspirations embody the imagined future. There is a time gap between self and world that must be bridged often by an act of surrender... by removing conscious attention from the subject (as well as just the object) self ceases to exist as a separate individual entity. Letting go of self consciousness, the separate and subjective sense of self, is freedom from the past, a most key component to the most fundamental and essential Life Purpose, which I refer to here as Spiritual Awakening, Conscious Presence, Freedom, Bliss, Deep Meditation or Inner Peace.

Primary Purpose: Resolution, Mission or Central Motivation....done immediately and naturally, arising out of an empty surrendered state of being. To be performed regularly, frequently, with devotion and a disciplined sense of direction, switching the focus momentarily to ordinary tasks like making a phone call or running an errand. With this established, the next action step is as small and simple as the next word, the very first thought...

Incidentally, the same principle be true of preliminary purpose, that simple awareness and one pointed attention/action keeps a concrete focus and forward moving flow of positive expression, the momentum changes yet the now is eternal, so remaining focused in presence means also an attention to the very specific form this moment takes, which is not quite the same as an hour a minute or a second ago, and which will not repeat itself, exactly as it is now, anytime in the future.

Secondary Purpose: All mundane matters pertaining to survival, work and regular supplementary income, where obligations and commitments must be made and kept, financial, social and otherwise, for the primary purpose of survival. Whereas the primary purpose indicates "what do I want to do?" the secondary purpose is "what do I have to do". This also includes all forms of exercise and proper nutrition to maintain and nourish the physical body.

Tertiary Purpose: Pertains to responsibilities relating to jobs, relationships, citizenship, and general service to mankind. Learning the Art of Right Relationship is the primary tertiary purpose. Group activities of all kinds, spiritual and mundane... rules of social conduct, living within social parameters.

Evolutionary Purpose: Universal Empowerment, Manifesting and Unfolding, Taking the Leap, Sticking to Purpose (no matter what), transformation, regeneration. Doing something that I rarely do or have never done before, like giving gifts to loved ones without thought of anything in return or contributing wholeheartedly, body and soul, to a worthwhile cause.

Thoughts on Sticking to Purpose - Being and Doing, One-pointed Focus, Eternal Flame

This train travels far and wide, making many stops and covering much ground, and goes places on the condition that it remain steadily, reliably, predictably on track. Be organized and efficient, not dull and mechanical... as a stream runs in ordinary rhythmic fashion, sure and steady, it also bends and swerves around the big heavy boulders, is fluid and malleable while remaining fixed in it's flow..

All *secondary/tertiary purpose* activities will continue to hang over my head, all mundane matters of everyday maintenance, surviving and thriving, so long as the *primary purpose* of creative expression becomes in any way dormant. Your main creative thrust or passion in life motivates all levels of spontaneous activity, so it is what keeps alive the enthusiasm needed to do all the rest of it as well.

For the first time it makes sense to me... Do what you love and the money will (eventually) follow. It does not mean that you literally have to be working at your dream job already, but rather it's what you accomplish create and do with most of your free time.. Where energy and devotion go, the abundance flows... Take the thought of money out of the picture and imagine/feel what true wealth feels like from the inside out... knowing my purpose, and sticking to it, is true wealth.

The forming of a life purpose or mission arises out of an awareness of what does not come natural or easy. Ego in its highest sense is centrality, an anchor for the soul in an endless sea of unconscious phenomena. Acting from a solid place where creative joy arises with the discovery of the missing link; while the rest... (and totality) of life is already present and effortlessly manifesting out of the heart of being.


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  1. there is a missing link and there is an ego, because existentially speaking I am not the Buddha, nor any other great sage of enlightened wisdom, those whom I've readily and often quoted and posted. Unlike them, I've struggled with discipline and concentration, so these combined with bold affirmative action are key points of individual focus now.