Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Thought ~ Best Thought

It is not that self and world are to be renounced, just removed from command and seen as they truly are, in unity, the creations (not the creator) of all life. So when thoughts and emotions, ideas and ideals, previously cultivated come to the fore they are seen only as creative building blocks, not coming from me personally but from the very creative and pure presence of life that flows within (and without) me. First thought is the right thought, that which I've acknowledged to be true and relevant comes immediately as insight, not to be gathered or owned but simply allowed and acted upon...

Q - What will I do with this day to mark it as a personal milestone? What actions and experiences will help make the most of today's potential positive energy and lead to a clear understanding of a mysterious magic power that keeps this inspirational fire burning strong, consistent and bright??

A - Perhaps it is not a question of what to do or how to do it, rather it is a way of inspired doing which arises spontaneously as the world and its deceptions, including the self created subject or *sense of self* (thinker and experiencer) ceases to be. Removing both ego and others from position of command, the individual... surrenders to become a pure vessel of presence that allows creative energy to flow free and easy...

Purpose, Resolution, Mission or Central Motivation.... what I do immediately and naturally, arising out of an empty surrendered state of being. To be performed regularly, frequently, with devotion and a disciplined sense of direction, switching the focus momentarily to ordinary tasks like making a phone call. With this... established, the next action step is as small and simple as the next word, the very first thought..


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